BMW World Powers Up New Models

THE presence of lots of shiny, new cars pieces should serve as a highlight of the weekend.

Strong emotions come together at Suntec, where BMW World of Passion and Joy is underway this weekend.

BMW pulls out the stops for this quadrennial event which showcases new models that are setting the trend for the brand worldwide.

BMW Group Asia Managing Director, Christopher Wehner BMW 8 Series
BMW Group Asia Managing Director, Christopher Wehner introduces the all-new BMW 8 Series.

It’s also a chance for BMW Group Asian to showcase its new Managing Director, Christopher Wehner.

“For the first time in Singapore, we’re launching at once four new models and showcasing an additional three models,” Wehner enthused.

Visitors to the event will see the first-ever BMW convertible plug-in hybrid, the i8 Roadster (pictured top with its electric peer, the BMW i3 REx in red).

Eye Candy For The Road

Adding to the star factor is the new BMW 8 Series, which combines sporty lines with an elegant flair in a coupe.

The BMW 8 Series redefines the sports car as BMW sees it.
The BMW 8 Series redefines the sports car as BMW sees it.

The all-new BMW X4 offers practicality with performance and all-terrain capability. At the other end of the spectrum, the zippy, racy Z4 First Edition is all about charm and looks and attention-grabbing attitude.

The BMW Z4 First Edition is the ideal modern roadster.
The BMW Z4 First Edition is the ideal modern roadster.

The new BMW 2 Series Active Tourer and Gran Tourer is the brand’s response to those who want to be practical in the city. And to let yourself go wild, the M2 Competition with its bi-turbo inline 6-cylinder engine goes from 0-100kmh in 4.2 seconds.

M series
Catch the action at the M stand.

The unmistakable form factor of the BMW X7 is hard to miss. The imposing seven-seater sits on 23″ wheels and has a mean glint in its headlamps as its sheer presence dwarves almost everything else in the show. Especially the MINI, which looks like it could be inhaled if it accidentally went too close to the X7.

Paul Smith MINI
The MINI looks pretty in Paul Smith colours.

The MINI Story showcases the colour and charm of the British brand that has been given a new lease on life by BMW. Besides the new models, there is a nice Paul Smith treatment of a 1998 Mini, along with a range of cars that showcases the evolving character of BMW over the decades.

BMW Heritage
BMW cars through the years.

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virtual reality BMW
Virtual Reality lets you place your desired car in an ideal setting.


Do not miss the Virtual reality experience that BMW is featuring.

Developed by the brand in less than a year, this marketing tool lets you into the new cars even before some of them are available in the metal. You can see the features in sharp detail, and check out how it feels to be behind the wheel or in the backseat.

The VR experience takes you into the car and lets you change the colour of the upholstery. It even lets you wander around the car and see how it moves. The external colours can be changed, and you can choose to set the car of choice against a dramatic night sky, complete with night sounds. Or, you could see how it sits comfortably on a race track.

virtual reality BMW
VR configuration will be available on new and upcoming models of BMW.

Marcel Beneke-Wysocki is hard to miss at the VR area. Tall and friendly, the Digital Manager at Retail for BMW Group, developed the program.

“In 2017, we took the product data and transformed it into a virtual reality tool. We launched the app in March this year.”

The app is a big hit, with India and Ukraine adopting it almost immediately, and another 13 markets adding it to its sales tools.

“It is good for dealerships where there isn’t a lot of space to showcase different models of cars. Now, in a small space, you can configure your car, without having a physical car. It’s also a great way to show a new model that may not be available yet,” Marcel explains.

The tool allows the entire process of introducing the car to a potential customer all the way to signing off on the contract.

And that is ultimately what drives the passionate folks at BMW to put on such a rousing spectacle.

BMW World Of Passion And Joy is on this weekend (25 & 26 August), from 10am to 10pm at Hall 403-404 Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre.

For more information visit this SISTIC link.

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