bmw ix3

Driving With Hans Zimmer — BMW iX3

The popularity of the electric vehicle will often be led by the support it gets from the mass-market segment. For many years, that’s been dominated by the SUV, and most...
Aston Martin DBX

Aston Martin Rolls Out Its X Factor

How does Aston Martin shift gears from spy car to family car?
Brinal Chua, Autoclinic

Tuning The Auto Industry

THE luxury sector saw an increase in activity during the pandemic. As people were forced to stay home they turned towards pampering themselves and their cars.  Brinal Chua is a...

The New S-Class Ups The Comfort Factor

FOR something that will impress without shredding your wallet, it's still hard to beat the sheer presence of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The 7th generation of this dominant German car model...
Chrisopher Quek

Driving Trips And Tips

Watch the WED WEB CHAT — Driving Trips & Tips discussion HERE. IT is heading towards that time of year when holidays are on our minds. This will be a good...
audi a5 sportback

The Audi A5 Sportback Hits The Sweet Spots

THE process of evolution can be demanding and is often fraught with little lessons. No matter how advanced the organisation, new ideas, fresh talent, technological advances and changes in how...
MINI ONE 5-door

MINI ONE With More Doors For Your Buck

FOR the practical minded, a five-door MINI would seem like a logical choice.  But, would you choose a MINI if you were that practical? It’s more a lifestyle choice. Enjoying life...