Less Is More

Shell gives innovators of tomorrow a head start to address the global energy challenge with the Make the Future Singapore festival and Shell Eco-marathon Asia. By S. Sakthivel

More bang for your buck is the aim of the Eco-marathon, where students clamber into cars and try and squeeze every centimetre of advantage over fossil fuels.

While this may sound like an anti-petrol community steering the initiative, it’s being organised by global fuel company, Shell.

Next year, it becomes part of a larger initiative, Make The Future Singapore, a festival of ideas and innovations that are aimed at firing up the levels of creativity in society.

Globally, the Shell Eco-marathon has been running since 1985, and in Asia for the last eight years. The students involved are challenged to build a car that can travel the greatest distance using the least fuel, but Eco-marathon General Manager Norman Koch says that the event aims for loftier goals. He says that it aims to instil the right values and encourages student engineers of today to start thinking about innovative solutions to attain greater energy efficiency. He hopes that students will carry these values forward as they make the move into the industry and continue to devise solutions.

General Manager, Shell Eco-marathon, Norman Koch tells us more about the event below.


It’s hard to ignore the impact oil has had on the world. Countries and regions have grown wealthy from its discovery. But the cost to the environment has challenged the dynamic as more environmentally friendly options are sourced.

Given then finite nature of the reserves, even the oil majors have heaved into this space.

A growing population means global energy needs will continue to pose a major challenge. Demand is expected to grow by more than 60% by 2020.

It will be interesting to see what new ideas roll into town in March 2017, when the 120 teams from 20 countries take part in the four-day Shell Eco-marathon.

Make the Future Singapore
March 16 – 19, 2017
Changi Exhibition Centre

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