Moving People In Comfort – MB GLC 250

The growing pool of crossovers is trying to establish a stronger presence with cars that deliver more to compensate for their looks. By Kannan Chandran

It’s hard to get excited about a crossover, so it’s often practical considerations that will prevail in the difficult decision to purchase one.

Still, given that it’s more a need to have than a want to have, the least to expect is that someone would try to make it seem less functional. Comfort has always been something Mercedes-Benz has prided itself on. From the seats to the ride, it has appealed to those who enjoy the ride rather than the drive.

With the GLC 250 the ride is taken to new heights, literally. Seated higher, and in no less comfort than it is used to offering, this five-seater crossover delivers a well-measured ride.

It’s also got a look that is not chunky, and an interior cabin that is well appointed. The seats are comfortable, the finishing polished, and there’s enough storage spots to keep things handy for a long road trip.

Loaded with bells and whistles that will keep the occupants of little children or precocious future tyrants out of harm’s way, the GLC is powered by a two-litre that is more than adequate for city driving. It has an option of driving choices, so if you’re bored after discharging your charges, shit to Sport mode — you can get a bit of an accompanying growl from the engine if that growl in your tummy becomes urgent. In Sport+ mode it’s a lurching ride, so that’s best suited for long runs.

The nine-speed gears shift smoothly enough, though somehow, you just don’t feel inclined to push it too much.

On the move, it’s a bit of a rocking, rolling riding affair. The gentlest of swaying accompanies you at usual city speeds, which might be good to keep the little ones quiet. Then there is always a raft of technology you can fall back on. Screens that provide entertainment. For the adults, too, loads of connectivity that will keep them in touch with all that important business deals.


Engine:  4 inline
Capacity: 1,991cc
Max Power:  155kW@5,500rpm
Max Torque:  350Nm@1,200–4,000rpm
Transmission: 9G-TRONIC
Efficiency: 7L/100km
CO2:  162g/km
0-100kmh:  7.3 seconds
Top Speed: 222kmh
Retail price:  *$220,888
Please reconfirm price with dealer.

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