Peter Draws Love With Ai

ARTIST Peter Draw is pushing themes of love and universality with the Ai character that he has created.

By placing the Ai character onto images from photographers from around the world, the Singaporean artist aims to spread the message of goodwill through social media. His Instagram posts have featured the works of contributors from Japan, UK, Italy, US, Taiwan and Singapore.

Built around Draw’s own desire to forge a more loving and accepting world, Ai was created to appeal to children and adults with its cute, welcoming demeanour.

Top: Ai joins the bollards in Geelong, Victoria. Photo: @storm_sg Above: Deer in Japan. Photo: @eeeeeeeno

In this series of illustrations, Draw is working with urban photographers to insert Ai into their images.

“By drawing Ai over these existing photos, we show that Ai is everywhere; that love is all around us,” Draw says, idealism spilling over.

Street scene, Kyoto, Japan. Photo: @yk

In a flawed world, Draw wants Ai to spread “unconditional love” as a means of inculcating stronger ties to community and nature in the young.


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Pagoda in cool hues, UK. Photo: @jzwadlo

Thus far, Ai, with his shock of white hair and his blue-and-white scarf, and red sweater has popped up in Japan (where Draw draws a lot of his creative inspiration from), Singapore, Los Angeles, Taiwan and Victoria, Australia.

@antonio_sbarra, Ai, Senso-ji, Akasuka
Sensō-ji , Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist temple located in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan. Photo: @antonio_sbarra

The intention is to have the Ai character become a global ambassador of all that is good.

You can follow Ai at and on Instagram: @AisforAi

Photos (from top): @storm_sg, @eeeeeeeno, @yk, @jzwadlo, @antonio_sbarra.

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