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SteelSeries TUSQ

AS we settle in to a life in front of the computer, one of the challenges faced by those dealing with virtual engagements, is the difficulty to be heard clearly.

Whether you’re communicating with your e-sports friends or explaining yourself to your work colleagues, the ability to be understood is paramount when personal interactions are becoming less frequent.

There is an increasing number of good headphones and ear buds that push the envelope to  deliver great sound, but they tend to be lacking on the microphone end of the arrangement. Headphones can deliver good audio and with an extended mic would be ideal, except the speakers enveloping your ears tend to become uncomfortable after prolonged use.

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Danish gaming gear manufacturers, SteelSeries has come up with a good compromise to mark its 20th anniversary.

The brand’s claim to fame is that “pros have won more prize money with SteelSeries”. If you’re not a pro gamer, there may not be prize money to win, but you may win more games with its new TUSQ headset.

TUSQ is an in-ear mobile gaming headset which could prove a versatile option for those who like to work and play long hours. The over ear TUSQ mic sits comfortably, so if you’re on the move, it will not pop out. The audio quality is great for chats, music and playing games, delivering crisp sound and deep bass.

There are limitations, of course, but for their size, they exceed expectations.

SteelSeries TUSQ

The many pluses for this headset are its light weight, around-the-ear suspension which doesn’t weigh down on your ears, the snug fit afforded by the 3 sizes of silicone ear tips and the microphones. 

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The two mics are great for delivering your voice with clarity. If you don’t want the boom mic in your face — and getting into your drink — the inline mic is well positioned to pick up your voice. But as it’s on the cable, it might swing around a bit if you get excited.

The boom mic ensures it’s close to your mouth, ready to catch any utterance, and not to lose anything in motion.

The price is also a plus factor. $69 is comfortable for many pockets, and the convenience of carrying it around — a sack is provided — makes it easy to plug and play anywhere. Just pop the lozenge earbuds in, plug in the boom mic and with your mobile phone, you’re ready to play games on the run, or have a clear engagement in a web chat.

If this form could be made into a Bluetooth version, it would be much handier, and you wouldn’t have to tangle with the cables.

Available on Shopee and Lazada platforms.

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