3 New Habits Resulting From COVID-19

THE advertising industry in Asia, much of which has Singapore as a regional administrative and innovation hub, has experienced a significant slowdown over the...
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Challenges Facing Work In The Region — JOBS20XX

WHILE Southeast Asia may have countries in close proximity, their various land masses and industry focus has resulted in a varied landscape.  While some areas...


Steamed Sticky Rice Cake With Coconut – Whip It UP!

Steamed Sticky Rice Cake With Coconut – Whip It UP! Nian Gao Coated in Coconut By Grace Fong Many of us may have food reserves stashed away...


Pininfarina’s Ultimate Electric Vehicle

“I HAVE piloted the quickest road and race cars in the world. I’ve never driven anything as powerful as the Battista," says Nick Heidfeld, Test...


Connected Despite Being Disconnected From The COVID-19 World

WHERE shall I spend the day? In front of the computer in the study? In bed reading a book on the OverDrive app? In the...

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F&B Business Continuity

The Food Industry Struggles For Leverage

WHETHER we eat to live or live to eat, we have to eat. As we watch the COVID-19 pandemic shred the food and beverage industry...
Emma Goh

Transform Anger Into Solutions

I THINK the billion-dollar question we can all agree on is, when will this pandemic end? While wracking my brains trying to find an answer,...

Watch Out For Virtual And Real-World COVID-19 Threats

THE VIRTUAL world has latched on to the Coronavirus as it sweeps around the planet. “Be suspicious of anyone approaching you online using COVID-19,” says...
Dr Ng Cher Yew

Are We Closer To A Covid-19 Treatment?

IF Dr Ng Cher Yew could get access to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and a lab to test his RetroMAD1 molecule, he believes we could...

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The music industry has been put through rounds of changes that have dealt body blows to how the business is run globally. Through it...

When Winning Is Losing

There’s no such thing as a sure thing. Even when you’ve got your hands on the prize, you can find yourself unceremoniously booted out...

Volcano Adventure: Mt Rinjani

There are those who climb mountains, and a few who would risk climbing an active volcano. If you are among the intrepid few, here...

It’s The Message That Matters

Stand and deliver is the normal practice, but does it always have to be so? By Kannan Chandran In an era of discussion and dialogue,...

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