It’s Not Business As Usual

AS THE pandemic stretches on, we are getting a slightly clearer picture of the effects of shutdown on society. As countries start opening up their...
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Challenges Facing Work In The Region — JOBS20XX

WHILE Southeast Asia may have countries in close proximity, their various land masses and industry focus has resulted in a varied landscape.  While some areas...


Smoked Chicken Curry Pizza – Whip It UP!

Smoked Chicken Curry Pizza – Whip It UP! THIS pizza is totally Asian at heart! It features a delectable Indian-inspired chicken curry that has been...


Pininfarina’s Ultimate Electric Vehicle

“I HAVE piloted the quickest road and race cars in the world. I’ve never driven anything as powerful as the Battista," says Nick Heidfeld, Test...


8 Tips To Run Your Business Remotely

THE future of work has arrived much faster than expected with the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, work from home has become...

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Uber Soft Milk Loaf – Whip It UP!

Uber Soft Milk Loaf This loaf boasts an incredibly tender and milky crumb that has been enriched with double milk — full cream and milk...

The Importance Of Honest Communication

ONE of the upsides of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the spotlight being suddenly trained on professions that would otherwise have been chugging along...

Cybersquatting – Fastest Fingers First

  IN THIS period of restriction, and potential job losses, many people might be thinking about what they are going to do next. Starting a mask...

The New Travel Protocols

THE ITCH to travel must be driving some people crazy as they relive past glories by avidly posting pictures and videos on social media,...

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Sean Hudspeth, Porsche Cup

Racing For A Dream

SEAN HUDSPETH is flying the Singapore flag in this year’s Porsche Super Cup. The University of Warwick mechanical engineering undergraduate is learning more about the cars...

A Handheld Tour Guide

YOU'VE found the best prices for flight tickets online and got a nice little condo for your trip via AirBnB — easy as pie. But now...

Ransomware — The Line Between Crime And Terror

THE RECENT ransomware infections, “WannaCry” and “Petya”, are a worrying trend for the world as they could be precursors of something more ominous. Like WannaCry, Petya...
benjamin-kheng, Wonder Boy

Connecting With The Sound Of The ’70s

PLAYING the role of a living celebrity on the big screen is not the easiest thing to do. More so if that celebrity is...

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