Driving With Hans Zimmer — BMW iX3

The popularity of the electric vehicle will often be led by the support it gets from the mass-market segment. For many years, that’s been dominated...
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Insecure About Our Food Sustainability?

IT was World Food Day on 16 October. While those in the food industry and supporters of causes centred around food marked the day, its...


Are You Ready To Work For Yourself?

FOR Helen Ong, it just happened. Debra Teng wanted it. Tama Goh had no doubts about it. Juria Banding stumbled into it. The four panellists...


Lacking A Sting In The Tail

IN a case of a sheep in wolf's clothes, the improved KIA Stinger looks the part of a flashy sports car, but drives like...


Still A Great Way To Fly?

IT looks like a dream sequence in a low-budget superhero flick shot in slow motion.  Unmasked people — luggage in hand — floating between buildings...

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DBS announcemen t

Communicate During A Crisis

THERE must have been a few sprained fingers as a result of customers stabbing desperately at smartphones and laptops to get into their DBS...
wwc031121 breast cancer

Breast Cancer: Beyond Survival — WED WEB CHAT

IN 2019, Singapore spent $375 million on cancer treatment drugs, and experts reckon at this rate, the cost will exceed $2 billion by 2030. Cancer...
WED WEB CHAT food sustainability

Farming: The Next Big Thing

THE aim is to produce 30% of Singapore’s food needs by 2030. But is that a tall order? How will farmers attract young talent to...
Peranakans discussion

Peranakan Culture On The Uptrend

As expected, the chatter was lively as the Peranakans in the virtual discussion contributed their views on what it meant to be part of...

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The Philosophy Of The Fight

WE ARE turning into a society keen to fight, to vent our frustrations via combat sports. Anything seems to be up for grabs, battering or bruising...

Magic Babe Goes Mental

CAREFUL what's on your mind when you're around Ning Cai. The former Magic Babe Ning turned cerebral as an author and is now putting  on...
Maserati cars

Hong Seh Exits Luxury Car Business

HONG SEH Motors has decided to exit the luxury car market from next month, when it stops representing Maserati cars. In a letter sent to its...

Pesce In Guazzetto — Whip It UP!

Pesce In Guazzetto (Pan-fried Parrot Fish with Cherry Tomatoes and Taggiasche Olives) By Gabriel Fratini, Chef, DOMVS By Gabriel Fratini This recipe is especially easy because a...

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