Audi Singapore Hits The Digital Road

NOBEL Laureate poet Hermann Hesse provides inspiration for Markus Schuster as he ponders the issue of business continuity for the Audi brand in Singapore...
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Challenges Facing Work In The Region — JOBS20XX

WHILE Southeast Asia may have countries in close proximity, their various land masses and industry focus has resulted in a varied landscape.  While some areas...


Fried Snapper With Chilli Sauce – Whip It UP!

Fried Snapper With Chilli Sauce – Whip It UP! Pla Gapong Raat Prik Go Thai with this fried snapper dish. It’s slathered with a lip-smacking spicy-sweet-sour...


Pininfarina’s Ultimate Electric Vehicle

“I HAVE piloted the quickest road and race cars in the world. I’ve never driven anything as powerful as the Battista," says Nick Heidfeld, Test...


Connected Despite Being Disconnected From The COVID-19 World

WHERE shall I spend the day? In front of the computer in the study? In bed reading a book on the OverDrive app? In the...

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JOBS20XX survey

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Pasta With Garlic-roasted Tomatoes – Whip It UP!

THIS Italian classic pasta margherita — or simply pasta with tomato — never gets outdated. Give it a flavour boost with plump cherry tomatoes...
Law firms

Law Firms Prepare For The Post-Pandemic Era

AS THE Circuit Breaker measures continue, with some cautious optimism about when it may be lifted, many businesses are nevertheless resigned to the fact...
David Guetta

Keep The Music Spinning

  AS THE world gets anti-social, we have to resort to virtual entertainment to keep the parties going. But before you download tracks by your favourite...
Emma Goh

Transform Anger Into Solutions

I THINK the billion-dollar question we can all agree on is, when will this pandemic end? While wracking my brains trying to find an answer,...

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Singapore Motorshow 2018

More Than Motors On Show

VISITING the Singapore Motorshow at Suntec Convention Centre is like wandering through an air-conditioned car lot. Except it's full of new cars and more organised,...

Carbon Tax — Seeds For A New Exchange

A DISPROPORTIONATE 0.02% of Singapore’s 140,000 businesses are responsible for 80% of Singapore’s greenhouse gas emissions. The rational course of action would be to...
Fake News

What’s Next After Fake News Legislation?

 THE SELECT Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods made some amendments to the summaries of evidence published on the publicly-accessible Singapore Parliament website. This came after it...

Rasa Sayang Sambal Burger — Whip It UP!

Rasa Sayang Sambal Burger. Photos: VeganBurg, Evonne Lyn Lee By VeganBurg Tuck into a Rasa Sayang Sambal burger this Ramadhan. A thick patty, slathered with a...

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