Pros And Cons Of Living Away From Home


RELOCATING to a new country is often accompanied by a mixed bag of emotions.

Singapore has long encouraged its population to explore new opportunities overseas. Whether you’re off to study, starting a new job, or retiring, there’s the excitement of discovering a new land, but also learning about how a new culture brings new ways of doing things.

Whatever the reasons, it could be your turn, or your children’s chance to explore new frontiers.

What does it take to say yes to exploring a new land and opportunities?

WED WEB CHAT — Living Away From Home on 5 April 2023 from 12:45–1:30pm (SGT) gathers the intrepid folks who have decided to throw in their lot with what another country has to offer.

Nicole Chew
Nicole Chew enjoys working in Bangkok.

Moving To Bangkok, And Loving It

Nicole Chew, Area Director of Marketing Communication, Minor Hotels

Nicole started her career back in 2011 in the hotel industry. She worked in communications and marketing roles at Meritus Hotels & Resorts, Sarika Connoisseur and Marriott International.

This year, she moved to Bangkok, Thailand, joining Minor Hotels as the new Area Director of Marketing Communication, responsible for enhancing public awareness and raising the bar of excellence in marketing and public relations.

“The thought of resetting my life, leaving my loved ones and living in a city with a very different culture was extremely daunting, but it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Hamish Brown
Hamish Brown, radio jock now spinning around the region.

Island Hopping

Hamish Brown, Former Deejay & Radio Show Host

After 4 decades in the entertainment industry, primarily spinning great music on radio and in clubs, Hamish has been island hopping. From the bustling metropolis of Singapore to the idyllic tranquil island of Koh Samui, Thailand for almost 9 years, then to the charming food haven of Penang. 

Who knows where his next adventure will take him!

“You really pick up on the extraordinary beauty of this world when you experience real freedom in retirement,” Hamish explains.

Simple things like watching the sun move across the horizon in the course of a year, results in much joy. “You don’t know how therapeutically healing that is when it’s observed in the morning with a coffee and a chorus of bird song praising the start of the day. Truly magical.”

Mark Fourie
Mark Fourie’s job in the energy sector has taken him from South Africa to Dubai and Singapore.

Mark Fourie relocated from South Africa to Dubai in 2000 occupying varying roles in the maritime industry with an emphasis on the IMEA region.

In 2012 Mark moved to Singapore currently holding the position as Global Sales Manager (LNG Offshore, Marine & Services) within the Docking & Mooring Division of Trelleborg Marine & Infrastructure.

He is currently the General Manager – LNG Offshore, Marine & Services Responsible for sales, marketing and business development across the group’s Docking & Mooring capabilities within the marine and offshore sector.

Mark is an outdoor adventurist enjoying cycling, triathlon and trail running.

He says “living away from home lets him explore new places whilst meeting new people and embracing their cultures.”

John Chapman
John Chapman-Fortune first came to Singapore on an A*STAR exchange progamme.

John Chapman-Fortune first moved to Singapore in 2017 for a 2-year exchange programme with the A*STAR institute; this was his first experience living abroad. While completing his studies, the PhD Science graduate frequently travelled around East Asia, enjoying the sights, food and culture.

Living abroad presented several challenges including adapting to the climate, a new work-life balance, office culture and social groups, along with various medical challenges. He has currently settled in Singapore with his partner.

“After getting settled in this new environment, I very quickly got over any home-sickness. While in Singapore I communicate with my family with the same frequency as when I was living only a few hours away from home in the UK.

“Everyone should try living abroad, experiencing a different culture, stepping outside of your comfort zone.”

If you’d like to share in the enthusiasm of those living abroad, or want answers to practical queries, click this link to register for the session.

WED WEB CHAT — Living Away From Home

5 April 2023

12:45-1:30pm (SGT)

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