Are You Ready To Work For Yourself?

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FOR Helen Ong, it just happened. Debra Teng wanted it. Tama Goh had no doubts about it. Juria Banding stumbled into it.

The four panellists in this WED WEB CHAT have opted to go down the solo route. They shied away from corporate work and the predictable jobs and careers.

Helen mixes East and West, feng shui and BioGeometry as she calibrates a space to suit her clients.

Juria wanted to get into showbiz and wound up becoming the manager for rock star Ramli Sarip.

Tama has drummed for the likes of Jeremy Monteiro, Sarah Brightman, Frances Yip and a host of other stars.

And Debra is an actress, coach, yoga teacher and many other roles.

At a time when people are suffering from the economic effects of COVID-19 it’s important to keep an open mind to opportunities that will present themselves.

They share their experiences, the importance of technology and the determination required to find their unique place in the scheme of things.

This discussion is part of the JOBS20XX – Work In Progress series, sponsored by OUE.

Watch the highlights from the discussion here. The full WED WEB CHAT follows that.

You can watch the full discussion below.

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If you have a topic that is of interest, or have someone who would make a good panellist with a thought-provoking perspective on a subject, please email with your details and a short summary.

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