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Sharing Views On Singapore Society

WHY DID bicycle sharing  fail in Singapore, when it has worked in other countries? How will car sharing affect the supporting industries like car parks? How will our education system produce creative...
burning cash

Why Do Start-ups Burn Money?

WHY do investors put money into a start-up when so many of them just burn the cash, especially on non-vital things? Many new ventures are unable to control the outcomes of their efforts,...
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Change Is Coming, And It’s About Time

WHEN technology entrepreneurs want talent to create hardcore programs it is not easy to find the required skills in Singapore, said Vikram Kumar at the Keep It Going discussion on...

What Will The Post-Google World Look Like?

BEING a leader isn't necessarily a good thing, emphasised Mohamed Geraldez at the recent Keep It Going Behind The Scenes session on the digital world.  America has been at the leading...
fake news

Fake News – Facing The Facts

MOHAMED GERALDEZ talks about the impact of fake news on society and why he feels legislation should not be the way to go. The US entrepreneur and vlogger was speaking at...
Keep It Going: the Nth revolutioN

Is Being Big No Longer Better?

IT HAS long been the era of monopolies that have been built up over the decades. But the arrival of newbies like Google and Facebook who have outstripped the big boys...
technology medicine

Is Technology The New Medicine?

IN PREVIOUS decades, parents pushed their children to become doctors, lawyers or engineers to secure good jobs and help the family's standard of living. That thinking hasn't changed too much...
Mohamed Geraldez, STORM magazine

Religion Comes To Mohamed

ENTREPRENEUR, digital nomad and vlogger Mohamed Geraldez talks about life-changing incidents in his life that led him to ask that all important question: What is life about? At STORM magazine's...
Keep It Going: the Nth revolutioN

Stop Thinking About Singapore

JACK SIM of the World Toilet Organization observes that the new ways of doing business are changing how business is transacted. Jack notes that as long as policies are not restrictive...
Keep It Going: the Nth revolutioN

The Challenges Of Living With Inherited Systems

AT THE recent the Nth revolutioN discussion on The Shape Of The Future? panellists Jack Sim of the World Toilet Organization, Peter Godfrey of the Energy Institute and Stuart Tan of Zero1 shared their views on a range of topics.