In ever-changing times, we have to be prepared for turbulence to help us ride the storms of change.

STORM-ASIA.COM started off in print in 2009 as STORM magazine.

Almost immediately, it started winning international awards for its out-of-the-box editorial content and design.

With changes speeding through the media industry, STORM shifted to the online space, tackling various issues that needed better answers than were currently being provided. This allowed for more honest and topical discussions to take place.

STORM-ASIA addresses these issues by bringing together different views in its articles online and at events that are organised on a regular basis.

The Keep It Going series of panel discussions tackled issues around business continuity and innovative thinking. The Charger Award series identified performing listed companies. JOBS 20XX: Work In Progress addresses the issues around work and employment. the Nth revolutioN explores future trends.

Since COVID-19, the digital platform offers more opportunities to keep the STORM community in touch with issues. The weekly WED WEB CHAT webinar series covers a wide range of topics ranging from business and lifestyle trends to the impact of policies on society.

Through interviews with newsmakers and community leaders, STORM-ASIA has built a following for its fair coverage of issues that address the needs of society. Our articles reach out to a wide array of people who help shape current and future thinking.

Be part of this community that wants to share in shaping the future.


Do keep the STORM brewing.

Kannan Chandran