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WHAT are the trends shaping the future of the F&B industry?

The WED WEB CHAT — Cooking Up A Career brings together practitioners from different areas of the industry to share their knowledge in this JOBS20XX – Work In Progress discussion.

Panellists for the WED WEB CHAT:

Christophe Megel, Executive Director of Q Industries & Trade;

Lim Hui Nan, Co-owner of Empire Eats Group;

Eric Low, Founder of food consultancy Lush Epicurean; and

Inderpal Singh, MasterChef SG 2023 winner.

Scary New F&B Trends

The long road to the top in the food and beverage industry is being challenged by the new ways of thinking and behaving. An impatient new generation is bringing about change, observes Christophe Megel, Executive Director of Q Industries, and a veteran of many global restaurants.

Dealing With Tricky Leases & Landlords

One of the major expenses in running an F&B establishment is the rental paid to your landlord. But don’t be bullied into accepting terms that are not in your favour, stresses Lim Hui Nan of Empire Eats Group.

An Industry Transforming

Diners want personalised and customised service. And they also want to capture every occasion and dish on their smartphones.

That leads to greater transparency.

Is that good or bad for the industry?

F&B Is NOT A Start-up Business

Whether you’re entering the F&B industry because you have the cash to splash or are looking for a new means of earning a living, the key is to not view it as a start-up.

From his years of watching new talent half-heartedly trying their hand at the F&B business, Christophe Megel, Executive Director of Q Industries, and a veteran of many global restaurants, is adamant that the right approach is key to a successful business.

The Impact Of Social Media On F&B

“Mark Zuckerberg eats first, and you feed Instagram before yourself.”

MasterChef Singapore 2023 winner, Inderpal Singh, appreciates the impact of social media on his own success as a TV personality and an up-and-coming chef.

But he admits the change in restaurant behaviour  with the arrival of smartphones and social media platforms that demand instant sharing of content has forced a rethink of how food service has to keep pace with trends.

The Asian Dish They Want Most In Europe

Chef Eric Low spent many years serving up haute cuisine on a luxury yacht in Monaco. While the fancy dishes were alway on the exclusive menus, there was a humble Asian dish that was always in demand.

It was the humble but versatile fried rice. With every Asian country having its own version of the dish, it’s no surprise guests never grew tired of the amazing flavours that could transform this basic dish.

Watch the full discussion of WED WEB CHAT — Cooking Up A Career below.

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