A New Hideaway for Gin Lovers

While the hipsters continue to sip on their Tanqueray No. 10s and Hendrick’s, get ahead of the curve with some artisanal gin from Belgium at Mag’s Wine Kitchen.

Already well known for their ales, waffles, and chocolates, the Belgians still seem to have a couple of new tricks up their sleeves. From small batch, artisanal gin maker Serge Buss in Antwerp, the Buss No. 509 series comes in five varieties — White Rain, Raspberry, Pink Grapefruit, Persian Peach, and Elderflower.

Chef/Owner Magdalene Tang, a long time purveyor of fine wines and spirits, says that gin has taken a back seat in the cocktail scene too long, and she wants to remind people it is “still sexy” with this new selection.

According to Tang, Buss gins are “unique compositions” that offer a little bit more than the usual boutique varieties, and are good enough to drink neat or on the rocks.

These compositions become apparent once the bottle is uncorked — offering up a nose of herbs and spices that immediately sparks ones interest. The ‘unflavoured’, traditional variety, White Rain packs a wallop at 50% alcohol content but that is barely noticeable with its smoothness and aromatic nose. The spiciness from the coriander and liquorice is followed by a hint of marjoram. It fills you with warmth but the head and tail notes have no burn and even at 50% it is pleasant enough to drink on its own or with a couple of cubes of ice (or best when combined with Imperial Tonic for a classic cocktail).

The real standout from the selection was the beautifully carmine tinged Buss No. 509 Raspberry, which was an absolute delight to drink with a splash of Sprite — a hint of sweetness, a waft of raspberry, and it’s easy drinking all night long.

Rounding out the offerings are the naturally macerated, Pink Grapefruit, Persian Fruit, and Elderflower varieties. Each has its own delicate perfume and subtle notes of fruit, and the naturally infused pastel colours make for a really pretty concoction. Elderflower is the most distinct with its groovy purple glow, but be warned, its pronounced floral scent can be an acquired taste.

jamon-charcuterie-1If you need some nibbles while you while you partake in the tipples, there will be home cured salmon gravlax, baked goat cheese pomodoro, along with Jamon Serrano, Casalingo Salami.

Mag’s Wine Kitchen’s Take 5 promotion runs from 5 to 7pm, Mondays to Fridays and BUSS Gin goblet go for $12++. Leeuwin Estate Sauvignon Blanc Semillon or Shiraz is also available at S$65++ and comes with complimentary charcuterie.

Yet another reason to get out of the office by 5pm and go wet your whistle.


Take 5 at Mag’s
Monday to Saturday 5pm – 7pm

Mag’s Wine Kitchen
86 Circular Road
Singapore 049438
Closed on Sunday and public holidays
+65 6438 3836

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