The Cradle Will Rock

BRIDGING myth and melody, guitarist Addy Rasidi applies his varied technique on his latest release, Transcendence: Legend Of Ryu Wuri.

Inspired by Indonesian folk lore, Addy, more commonly known by his moniker Addy Cradle, allowed the idea of the story spanning lands and customs to nurture in his mind. Fuelled by his work with his regular band Jive Talking, and his own independent musings away from a structured format, the legend has taken a much larger form.

Addy has conceived a trilogy that brings characters to life via music marrying rock with ethnic instruments and Asian tones.

The first album, Transcendence: Legend Of Ryu Wuri brings the listener on a multi-faceted musical journey that paints mental images in the listener’s mind.

Addy talks to STORM.SG about his journey. From his early years listening to the various rituals in his neighbourhood and how these multi-cultural experiences helped forge his identity.

At a time when race seems to be a hot topic of discussion, Addy’s music aims to bond.

Addy Cradle Competition

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Transcendence: Legend Of Ryu Wuri by Addy Cradle is available for download on iTunes and Spotify.
To get a special-edition CD and booklet, send a message on Facebook to:  Addy Cradle.
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Closing date: 21 October 2017.
Winners will have to collect the albums and meet Addy Cradle in Singapore.
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Video by Devin Fernandez
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