Amazingly, in this all-seeing, all-knowing era of networks and virtual intelligence, there is still room for things to fall through the net. And these are not small things either.

The National Air Traffic Controllers Association in the US reckons there are over 90,000 aeroplanes in the air in the course of a day. That’s roughly one plane taking off every second. That’s a lot of high-speed metal tubes flying about. Until now we reckoned technology would keep everything in its place, and out of harm’s way; that their progress would be tracked in great detail…. MH370 going down in unknown waters for unknown reasons raises questions about how the system failed in such spectacular fashion, while raising eyebrows about how mysteries can still disrupt the progress of life.

While our routines have been temporarily disrupted by the search for pings in the ocean, there could be a new disruption that has a positive nuance — the quest for zings. Frank Nuovo, who was at the forefront of Nokia’s mobile revolution, and later Vertu’s glitzy handsets, has thought up of a future social innovation that brings like-minded people together and which, he hopes, will be indispensible. Datzing is in its infancy and has been well met thus far.

Disruptions in life can sometimes be hard to fathom; be they punctuations in life or opportunities to seek out. Either way, they are inevitable and will continue to dot our path.

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