Don’t Bore Your Audience


MANY organisations make good use of technology and innovation when it comes to creating products and offering services.

But too many fall flat when it comes to presenting the end result to potential buyers, or when they are selling it to the media.

Far too often you have presentations where a representative of the company will totter onstage nervously and start yammering about their slide presentation. If it’s value added content, you may be bothered to pay attention.

But if it’s just reading off what’s being projected on the screens, then, don’t you think the audience can read, too?

It’s worse when you get speakers lacking adequate command of the presentation language having a go. This can get really annoying.

I used to have to sit through presentations by Japanese car companies where a senior member of management from headquarters would mumble along to an English script, spewing technical jargon that he could barely pronounce to an audience that would be struggling to keep the mist from forming.

It’s highly likely the audience has long lost interest in what you’re going on about, and are quite likely to be thinking of where they’ll be headed to for a coffee fix.

Then that same script was handed out to everyone. With diagrams.

That’s time wasted on all fronts. They could have saved heaps of time and torture by just presenting the media pack.

Craft A Simple Video

Companies with important things to say, should consider making a video presentation that is concise and communicates the message effectively. With mobile phones boasting such great video software, it is not that difficult to make a functional video.

Work to a script and include some images and supporting videos if you have the tools to do so.

At the end of the presentation, allow for any questions. Ideally, you should have someone competent in the presentation language to respond. Or employ a translator.

If you’ve got them to stay this long, they’ll likely want to hear the full story.

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