Back After Some Shut Eye

A CHANGE of distributors has given Eye Mo a chance to review its strategy and launch a comeback. But how well will a heritage product fare in an industry that wants cutting-edge options?

The eye drops brand has been part of Singapore’s formative years; a small white bottle that offered some relief to those growing up at a time when construction was rampant, roads were dustier and the future looked interesting.

Today, the construction has eased up somewhat, the environment is cleaner, but the prevalence of personal devices means our eyes are getting abused, nevertheless.

This is good news for Eye Mo, since it can help ease strained eyes.

Eye Mo was acquired by Pharma Health Care Pte Ltd in May 2016 from British multinational FMCG GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare. It is distributed in 14 of the  almost 70 countries it is registered in, in Latin America and Asia Pacific.

Eye Mo hopes to reach a younger market by creating trendy images of itself.

Out Of Sight…Out Of Mind?

But, having been out of the game for two years it has to claw its way back into the picture. In a society that forgets in a blink of an eye, that might pose its own set of challenges.

Since it’s viewed as an older-generation brand, will younger millennials opt for something more swish and foreign? “I can’t use something my grandparents know!”

DKSH, who is marketing the brand now, is trying to reach the younger set by using social media and brand ambassadors.

It is also pushing eye care as a way to connect with its potential audience. In Singapore, the myopia capital of the world (75% of teenagers are afflicted by it), that might be a good way to reach a young audience, although there is no correlation between the eye drops and the ailment.

In anticipation of counterfeits popping up to eat away at the market, each package comes with a QR code beneath a serialised scratch and authenticate sticker. This will help consumers ensure they are getting the genuine product. Two variants of Eye-Mo, priced at $4.90 and $5.90 are available.

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