Painting Open The Door To Happiness

CHEF, artist, cyclist, marathoner. It’s a fine mix of ingredients that shape Gabriel Fratini’s life.

Gabriel packs a lot of energy into his lean frame.

Most of the time, he’s a chef, running his own restaurant Fratini La Trattoria, at Greenwood. But he finds time to paint, and is happy to do so for charity.

The Door To Happiness is a series of 50 art pieces that he worked on this year.

Gabriel Fratini Doorway series“The inspiration comes from the old people living alone. I want to bring colour to their eyes,” Gabriel explains.

“Cooking and art go together,” he reckons.

“When I prepare my dishes they look like a painting. A canvas is like mixing ingredients and creating a dish.”

The art pieces will be exhibited and sold at his restaurant on Saturday 9 November, from 11am to 3pm.

“I will be donating 50% of the proceeds of sales to Cycling Without Age (CWA) Singapore, a start-up charity that aims to beat social isolation in seniors by giving them free trishaw rides and allow them to enjoy the wind in their hair.

Gabriel Fratini Doorway series

“Aside from this, I am donating one painting, Doorway To Happiness, for auction called, and the full proceeds of the sale will go to CWA Singapore.”

He would like to see you at his restaurant, chequebook at the ready.

Fratini La Trattoria, 10 Greenwood Avenue, Singapore 289201. 

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