The Right Choice Of Venue?

Hyundai Venue

IN THIS time of social control, the discussion, when it comes to motoring efficiency, is less about how many kilometres to the litre you’re averaging, but rather how many weeks to the litre you will require.

But that will change when things return to a new normal. Though we can’t be sure about when that’s going to be.

The Coronavirus has brought some unimaginable changes to our lifestyles, and will likely reshape our thinking about how the future will pan out.

As global populations cower from the invisible enemy, personal transportation has ground to a halt as people are forced to stay indoors and work from home in many parts of the world, to help stem the invisible COVID-19 tide.

An Unclear Coast

It might be a good time to look ahead at what is to come and how these next few months will shape your finances and your ability to afford things, considering there could be 200,000 retrenchments in Singapore as a result of the global economic devastation left in COVID-19’s wake.

Hyundai Venue

With that in mind, thinking small when it comes to cars, may be the way to go. If you’re thinking cars at all….

Hyundai’s smallest SUV may be fortuitously on the right track here, where a small footprint and an economical mindset will be beneficial attributes in the post-COVID-19 era.

The Venue is Hyundai’s sub-compact crossover. It was designed for the younger set with its two-toned lively paint work, inspired lights fore and aft, and denim seats, but may have broader appeal as affordability becomes a bigger issue in society.

Hyundai Venue

Loaded with a 1.6L Smartstream Gamma engine — where many similar cars are running smartly on 1L turbocharged powertrains — which has been tweaked to improve its fuel efficiency, it is mated with Hyundai’s proprietary Intelligent Variable Transmission.

The result is great efficiency and a comfortable ride, albeit not an exciting one. The use of advanced high-strength steel and alloys account for 65% of the body structure, contributing to the Venue’s safety and rigidity, and resulting in the steady handling.

The engine labours when it’s pushed, though it doesn’t intrude much into the well insulated cabin. There are a few drive modes, including snow and mud, but when you turn the knob from normal to sport modes you have to almost imagine some difference. The engine does get a bit louder, but you reckon it’s not worth the strain, so you’re likely to leave it in normal driving mode.

While it’s 0-100kmh is a leisurely 11 seconds plus, it does not move like a laggard. It’s fairly responsive from standstill, eventually losing out to any chasers as the next set of traffic lights draws near.

Hyundai Venue

The unfathomable absence of an energy-saving automatic start/stop feature is a definite plus so you don’t have to worry about the engine shuddering to a halt at traffic lights.


Connectivity is the Venue’s strong suit. With its original intention as a chariot for the young, who are hooked to their devices, it features Bluetooth and wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but lacks wireless charging. With six speakers working hard, the sound system is quite decent.

The boot space, while not large, is good enough for local needs, and to stock up if a supermarket run is needed.

The Venue seems to have everything a price-conscious customer would want in a daily run around.

But this small SUV’s biggest appeal would be it’s price. Coming in under S$90K (check the price with the dealer, Komoco Motors), it could be a feature-rich Venue of choice.

Hyundai Venue


Styling: 7/10

Interior: 6.5/10

Connectivity: 7.5/10

Ride: 7/10

Handling: 7/10

Power: 6/10

Overall: 7/10


Engine:4 cylinder, in-line Smart Stream Gamma II

Capacity: 1,598cc

Max Power: 90.2kW@6,300rpm

Max Torque: 154Nm@ 4,500rpm

Transmission:8-speed Automatic

Efficiency: 5.9L/100km

VES Band: B

0-100kmh: 11.2 seconds

Top Speed: 186kmh

Retail price: *$87,999

Please reconfirm price with dealer.

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