KitKat Flavours With A Local Twist

KitKat Singapore flavoursAS A nation of foodies, we love to take breaks.

Be it for a kopi or a curry puff, there’s not much of an excuse needed to drop whatever you’re doing and nibble or chow down.

Latching on to this behaviour, KitKat has given a twist to its four-fingered flavours. The KitKat Chocolatory brings local flavours to the chocolate snack.

From Singapore laksa to roti prata with fish curry and chilli crab, there are unexpected infusions into your chocolate break from this 84-year-old brand which is aiming to remain in contention for your sweet tooth.

The chocolate bars are packaged with little decorative bits, reminiscent of Shokuhin Sampuru you find in the window displays of Japanese restaurants. Except you can eat the miniature displays on the KitKat bars, especially since they add to the overall flavour and texture of the sweet snack.

The sceptics may scoff at the idea of chocolate flavoured to resemble local delights, but in this day of confusion fusion, anything goes. And does.

Initially, when it’s in your mouth, there’s a lot of expectation but nothing really pops. It seems all you’re tasting is chocolate. After some mastication, the flavours emerge.

Kit Kat Singapore flavours

You can taste the prata and fish curry as it makes its presence felt subtly. But it’s the laksa that’s quite obvious, with the laksa leaves popping the taste buds.

The Nyonya Bubur Cha Cha tasted more like white chocolate, and Santa’s Gingerbread Man was probably the cutest presentation.

Kit Kat Singapore flavours

These seasonal KitKat flavours are available at Jewel Changi Airport, VivoCity and RedMart while stocks last. They’d make for great gifts and welcome breaks if you’re travelling overseas and visiting Singaporeans who’ve been abroad too long.

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