For Lorne And Beyond

The views from the Great Ocean Road are spectacular any time of the year.

Nature can captivate you along this famed stretch of road in Victoria, Australia.

You have endless vistas of azure skies by day that transforms into an inky night sky filled with glorious views of the milky way. The changing colours of the ocean as the sun and clouds and weather combine to create a natural, dramatic landscape. The towering and crumbling 12 Apostles, the hills, the beaches and walking paths.

Such a delightful array of items on the menu for the great outdoors to choose from.

Every two years, Lorne, the largest resort town along the Great Ocean Road with a population of just over 1,100 and known for its surfing and nature walks, puts on a spectacle that adds to the natural experience, while making a point about preserving it.

Lorne Sculpture Biennale
Top: The Articulations by Geoffrey Ricardo. Above: Paradiso Perduto by Swiss artist Brigit Heller who lives and works in Benloch, Victoria.

The Lorne Sculpture Biennale is currently underway curated under the theme Landfall. On a 4km trail, there are 40 works of art that talk about nature and endangerment. In Landfall, the 37 artists involved have been asked to interpret the intersection of nature, humanity, and art.

The free public event takes the visitor through the beaches and points of interest in Lorne, as the foreshow attracts more than the usual tide of surfers, swimmers, and sightseers.

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Lorne Sculpture Biennale
Littoral echo II by Sonia Payes, a native of Melbourne.

Besides the sculptures, there are also augmented reality work. Seol Park and John Kelly created En Plain Air: In Plain Sight which requires you looking into the horizon with your camera loaded with the Layer app. It wouldn’t be too different to what the tourists do, anyway, except, with the app, you can see an iceberg.

The free event was originally mooted in 2005 by the Friends of Lorne Arts with the intention of creating a world-class sculpture exhibition. The sleepy community of Lorne perks up with the biennale, which has been well received internationally and will hopefully play a part in keeping this beautiful stretch of scenery in good condition.

Landfall is on till April 2, 2018.

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