Jelly On Your Wrist — HM7 Aquapod


DESPITE its name, the jellyfish isn’t really a fish. It’s actually a kind of plankton.

That doesn’t mean it cannot serve as a source of inspiration for many things like microchips, artificial heart, art, and now watches. Not that we’ve ever known a jellyfish to be on time, except when it stings you, in which case your time could be up.

Nevertheless, Swiss watchmaker MB&F takes inspiration from this beautifully symmetrical sea creature for its new HM7 Aquapod timepiece.

The jellyfish may have no heart, but a 303-componet vertically arranged three-dimensional, spherical movement engine sits at the heart of the HM7 and it is topped by an eye-catching flying tourbillion. While most watches are designed horizontally, the Aquapod’s vertical arrangement gives it a unique spherical shape.

Unlike the jellyfish, which is almost 98% water, the MB&F is crafted from solid block titanium, or it is also available in 18K gold. Be warned, this slippery fella isn’t going to be an easy catch — there are only 33 and 66 pieces of each version.

Much like the jellyfish, the Aquapod “makes” its own light too — with hour and minute numerals highlighted as expected. But as an added touch, so are the insides of the movement. With three panels providing ambient glow, the intricate workings of the engine and the spinning of the tourbillion will be bathed in a soft radiance even in the dark.

The aquatic themed Aquapod won’t accompany you on your next dive, but it can accompany you to a depth of 50m. It has a unidirectional rotating bezel which is unattached to the case and floats freely much like a life buoy out in open sea.

Horological Machine No.7 ‘Aquapod’

Red Gold — S$193,200 & Titanium Blue — S$160,500

The Hour Glass – Watches of Switzerland Boutique
290 Orchard Road
Singapore 238859

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