Mercedes-Benz E-Class Makes Things Cosy

The 10th generation of the E-Class sees a whole new aspect to the popular Mercedes-Benz sedan.

Born out of the constant competition with its Teutonic rivals, and perhaps the constant nudging by the Japanese and Korean brands, Mercedes-Benz is aware that it cannot live on its reputation alone.

This is the era of constant information and with electric cars and autonomous cars making their presence felt, how will the E-Class survive? Version 10 of this important series for Mercedes-Benz sees a focus on the interior of the car.

That’s not saying the outside is incidental. It’s been given some pretty hefty treatments that deliver a sense of purpose to the car. The understated grille with the tristar hood ornament on the test drive Exclusive variant isn’t as impactful as the oversized logo on the grille of the Avantgarde and AMG versions, but things start to look better beyond that.

The LED high performance headlamps are sleek, the air dams pronounced, and the sense of dynamism evident in the way the furrowed lines draw the eye to the sharp slope in the tail. As a result, the boot is a bit smaller, but the presence of a sliding tray to keep things that may otherwise roll around, provides a useful touch.

The exclusive interior of the E-Class
The exclusive interior of the E-Class

E-Class Reworked Inside

The interior of the E-Class has been totally rethought aesthetically, with lights interplaying with textures and patterns on the seats and trims. It’s a veritable lights festival in the cabin. From the glowing start/stop button to the dashboard coloured lights and the glow on the Nappa leather upholstery, there’s a welcoming vibe about the E-Class.

The seats are extremely comfortable, and the presence of lots of round elements — the air-con vents, the Burmeister speaker covers, the logo and dials — work well together.

The high-waisted car leaves you feeling a bit sunken in your seat, but with cameras all around, you’re not deprived of a good view of all the important things you should be aware of. Presented on the panoramic screen, you have access to information that will offer crisp clear visuals.

The navigation presents a fascinating graphic, which could be distracting initially, but does put your journey into proper perspective. It makes hunting your destination a lot easier with the landmarks clearly defined.

The Burmester sound system delivers a big soundstage. It’s totally enveloping, and you might get too much into the music, if you’re not careful. It’s easy enough to connect your device via Apple CarPlay, and you can hunt what you’re after on the multi-function steering wheel.

The presence of a touchpad so close to the dial on the centre console still strikes me as superfluous to needs, but it does offer options for the driver.

For its relatively small engine— 1,991 cc — the performance is smooth and more than adequate from the four-cylinder turbocharged engine. Able to hit 100kmh in under eight seconds, the E200 offers a steady glide.

By switching to a sportier mode, you do get more of a purr and the responsiveness is sharpened. Handling is quite easy with this car, and it is quite nimble, for its size.



Engine: 4 cylinders turbocharged
Capacity: 1,991cc
Max Power: 137kW@5,500rpm
Max Torque: 300Nm@1,200–4,000rpm
Transmission: 9G-TRONIC
Efficiency: 6.3L/100km
CO2: 142g/km
0-100kmh: 7.7 seconds
Top Speed: 240kmh
Retail price: *$272,888
*Please reconfirm price with dealer.
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