North Indian Food Feast At The Fullerton

While many here know the wide tastes and aromas of Indian cuisine, few would have tried kathal biryani. Made with fried raw jackfruit and 24 types of spices, this aromatic and richly flavoured complete dish is among the lesser known Indian dishes on offer at The Fullerton Hotel.

Chef Harish Tiwari, Master Chef of The Leela Ambience Gurgaon Hotel & Residences,  has packed his spices and special ingredients for an ongoing promotion of lunch, dinners and Sunday brunches, until 20 November.

Among the expected spread of North Indian dishes, you’ll find the Kashmiri Rogan Josh (lamb curry), Kutri Bhindi (spicry okra), and several vegetarian dishes. Let’s face it, Indian vegetarian fare may often be overcooked, but it’s way tastier than what most other cuisines offer.

Spice Chef

Chef Tiwari’s use of spices is plentiful without dominating the dishes. They do creep up on you, though.

With either a lassi or masalah tea to accompany the dishes, it’s a sensory celebration that’s all encompassing. The sight of all those colourful dishes presented in pots and on platters makes you immediately hungry. The aromas rise through your olfactory passages. Then the rich assortment of flavours that fill the palate from sharp tangy pickles to teary reunions with spicy curries.

The leg of lamb, raan a diya, is quite spectacular, with its rich gravy, while the grilled salmon tikka offers a different spiced take on the firm fish without overpowering it.

The salad offerings include spiced fruit, mozzarella cheese (didn’t know that was big in Indian cuisine), and chicken with a hint of Glenmorangie whisky. And a separate dessert bar includes an utterly healthy sounding spinach halwa, which is unexpectedly tasty.

The range of dishes on offer at The Fullerton will be selected daily from a menu of 70 choices.

Just proves Chef Tiwari’s point that there’s more to Indian cuisine than butter chicken and biryani.

For reservations and enquiries, please visit or telephone  6877 8911/12.

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