Real Madrid Soars, But Man United Reigns

WITH its recent winning form, Real Madrid has not just won key trophies this year, it has also brushed rivals FC Barcelona aside for the prize of football’s most powerful brand.

Real Madrid, Barcelona
The rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona sees the former inching ahead. charnsitr /

Consultancy firm Brand Finance measures the value of football teams in its annual ranking based on metrics such as stadium capacity and utilisation, squad size and value, social media presence and revenue, among others factors.

While the Spanish brands have made a significant impact on the game, it’s still the English Premier League clubs that dominate the commercial scene. Of the top 10 most valuable clubs, six are English.

English Dominance

The top six teams of the English Premier league this year take up positions within the Top 10. Manchester United is top of the heap, with a brand value of US$1.733 billion.

Real Madrid follows with a brand value of $1.419 billion, with Barcelona hot on its heals, on $1.418 billion.

Chelsea Football club
Chelsea winning the Premiership will boost its revenue opportunities. amirraizat /

Chelsea’s excellent season will help its stock, as will Tottenham’s fine run.

Despite its success, Real Madrid still has many lessons to learn from Manchester United who, under Alex Ferguson’s watch, built up lucrative contracts in a variety of industries.

Real Madrid may have direct footballing deals but will need to widen its reach into other areas.

The rising force in football will be Newcastle, whose promotion has seen its brand value soar 92%, to $247 million.

With so much money in the game, it is not surprising bureaucrats are reluctant to relinquish their hold on the reins.

See the list of the 50 most valuable football brands HERE.

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