The Bard On The Boards


FOR FOUR centuries, William Shakespeare has shaken everybody’s tree, and ideas have come tumbling out.

To celebrate the Bard’s ongoing relevance in a changing world, the folks in Siglap South racked their brains to figure out how to mark the moment.

Dr Uma Rajan, who helms the South Community Arts & Culture Node, wanted to bring the drama of Shakespeare and Indian arts together.

“One of my very active members, Jayaradha Shankar, a lover of Shakespeare, suggested the concept of Navarasas,” Dr Rajan recalls.

The more Dr Rajan pondered if the idea was to be or not to be, the more she liked it. “I liked this angle and conceptualised the Navarasa dance and music segment.”

The nine emotions that make up the Navarasas can easily be found in the Bard’s prodigious body of work. The emotions — love, humour, compassion, anger, valour, fear, disgust, wonder and tranquility — are presented by a supporting cast of characters, that include a cultural melting pot of talent.

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“Jayaradha selected the passages and I then roped in Daisy Irani and Subin Subaiah, who is also a Shakespeare fan.

“The highlight is the blending and bonding of English Literature and Indian classical dance and music through a common base of human emotions.”

Be prepared to see Shakespeare in a new light.

Information on the show on the poster below. You can walk in and buy your $20 ticket at the door this Saturday. Ticket price includes a post-event reception.peotry-nite-2017-1

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