Soap Opera

There’s a bit of a war going on about which is the real thing. There are factions that want to claim the right to use the term Marseille soap. The traditionalists are standing firm by the olive oil-based formula developed during Louis XIV’s era, and are still producing it the old-fashioned way.

A dozen companies are trying to get a quicker formula under the same claim.

While the French authorities wash off the suds on that argument, you can check out the original formula, as produced by Marius Fabre. The olive oil soap and its organic range, Olivia, are especially effective for those with sensitive skins or those who would like to keep their distance from chemicals.

The Marseilles Olive Soap uses vegetable and plant-based oils and contains no animal fats, artificial colourings or preservatives. The flagship Marius Fabre Marseilles Soap has 72% olive oil in it.

The Olivia organic range uses olive oil, Shea butter, evening primrose, cade oil and other essential oils.

Upwards of $10. Retailing at the National skin Centre Pharmacy and Medic Pharmacy (Tanjong Pagar).