Fly Round The World Fast

FLYING around the world is for the well-heeled with time on their hands, or the time-starved quick on their heels to seal deals. Either way, both groups will want a good deal.

To cater to both parties, but probably more to encourage leisure travellers, Star Alliance has tweaked its round the world (RTW) offering.

Previously, RTW tickets on the Star Alliance network required three stops. Now, you can do it with just two stops for at least 24 hours.

With 28 member airlines and more than 18,400 flights linking 1,300 destinations in 191 countries, there are plenty of options to select from.

Global travel

Customers can plan their RTW journey online at which is also available in German and Japanese. They can also create customised itineraries of between 26,000 and 39,000 miles.

That’s around the world and a bit, since, at the equator, the Earth’s circumference is around 24,900 miles (40,075 km).

There are also themed RTW journeys — food, wonders, architecture, culture, wine, etc — to help you along in the event all that planning becomes too mind-boggling.

With more people travelling these days, airline groupings, like Star Alliance and One World are looking to push the limits, making use of technology, the variety of travel options and the unquenchable thirst for travel to create new ways of providing services to  its customers.

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