Tattoo Your Holiday Memories

WITH tattoos making the quick leap from sub culture to pop culture, parlours offering these inking services have been popping up with abandon around the world.

Your next holiday in Bali could see you coming back with a tattoo since Denpasar has the highest percentage of tattoo tourism in the world. Almost 99% of the tourists wind up waking up with a newly inked image.

Retail app YEAY embarked on a study and connected the dots to form the 2016 Global Tattoo Trend Index.

Cape Town in South Africa topped the index, with 13.83 parlours per 100,000 citizens and an average per hour cost of $53.

Miami Beach was next with more parlours but a higher average hourly cost of $162.

Singapore is ranked 77th for accessibility — 0.37 parlours per 100,000 citizens at an hourly average cost of $113. This is one statistic the authorities probably don’t mind the Republic lagging behind in.

By comparison, Colombo’s average hourly rate is $22 per hour, which is further proof of how expensive things are in Singapore. But in terms of tattoos, San Francisco has the highest average hourly rate — $280.

The Permanent Gift

And if they really like you in Tahiti, French Polynesia or Auckland, New Zealand you might be wary of receiving a gift of friendship. In these two cities, tattoos are most likely to be gifted.

So, on your next holiday, you might come back with a gift that reminds you of a good time or you might be trying to remember why you have this strange person’s name imprinted on your forehead.

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