Delivering A Smoother Business Journey

LIFE IS a journey made up of little journeys within.

Making your way through these various trips requires planning and an efficient means of getting around.

Whether you run a large multinational corporation or operate a small business, how you connect with customers and colleagues is vital when it comes to accomplishing your business goals.

Getting to meetings, delivering your goods and ensuring your colleagues reach clients promptly are all key elements of running an efficient and ultimately effective business.

And to achieve this, you require transportation that is both efficient and dependable. You want a reliable fleet that is ready to go when you have to move.

Volkswagen takes you on a smooth business journey with its fleet services.


Volkswagen Fleet Management

1. More Time On The Road.
Longer servicing intervals means less down time. Service intervals for passenger cars is 15,000km and commercial vehicles is 20,000km.

2. Cost-Effective Vehicles.
Volkswagen helps customers look at the total cost of ownership. Light commercial vehicles come with a 5-year or 200,000km mileage cap, among the highest in the industry.

3. Your Business Partner.
Volkswagen understands your business requirements and is able to customise the vehicles to suit your specific needs. Flexible financing and leasing packages are available to suit all budgets and contract lengths.

A Volkswagen For Your Business Needs

People who think of Volkswagen often remember the iconic Beetle. The same elements of joy and mobility that the Beetle represents are found in many other models of cars and light commercial vehicles in the versatile Volkswagen range.

The Volkswagen Fleet offers a range of vehicles — from the Passat and Golf SV for executives and staff to get around for meetings and sales appointments, to the Caddy and Transporter for service deliveries.

Higher-end Volkswagen models like the Tiguan and Passat offer understated elegance and feature the latest technologies, to ensure the people who are moving your business forward are always in the safest environment possible, and delivering the best performance possible.

These same principles of drive comfort can be found in the Caddy and Transporter. Small businesses that require efficiency and reliability for their vehicles will also want that for their daily activities.

Environmentally-Friendly Performance

The light commercial vehicles (LCV) from Volkswagen have the best fuel efficiency among the European and Japanese brands. With Euro 6 certified engines incorporating Adblue, the NOx emissions are reduced by as much as 75% and fuel efficiency increased up to 28%.


Volkswagen LCVs feature passenger car-like handling, They are equipped with vital safety features on board, like Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP), and have excellent ergonomic features that ensure a smooth and trouble-free journey.

Outstanding German build quality and superior components are complemented with patented Volkswagen turbocharging technology.

In the long run, your colleagues and employees are less likely to complain about back pains, and the incidence of medical time off should be reduced.

Staff morale and efficiency will also be improved from working in a conducive environment.

And for peace of mind, Volkswagen will maintain the car in ideal running condition, allowing business owners to focus on the vital matter of growing the business.

For more information about Volkswagen fleet services, contact a member of the fleet sales team at 6922 3600. Or visit .

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