Tips For Safe And Smart Remote Work


WITH the world getting used to the fact that working from home is here to stay, the errors and omissions that so many businesses have made, will have to be swiftly rectified.

In its Cyber Readiness Report 2020, Acronis points out that 92% of those surveyed were not prepared for remote working. 

In the past, perimeter defence kept business networks safe, but now, as working from home becomes the norm, the emphasis will be on protecting each computer regardless of where it’s located. 

A compromised computer could prove costly.

Click on the wrong email and you could bring about untold grief upon yourself. Despite that, criminals engaged in phishing activity have up to 25% success, so it obviously pays for them.

Navigation and wearable technology company Garmin is purported to have settled a $10 million ransomware demand  when its system was compromised.

It will help the criminal retire with a neat pile of your ill-gotten cash.

How can businesses and remote workers keep things safe in the new environment where almost 90% of the work force want to continue working remotely to some extent?

Our panellists, Kevin Reed, CISO of Acronis, and Harish Pillay, Red Hat’s Global Head, Community Architecture and Leadership walk us through some of the challenges and things that cannot be overlooked when it comes to keeping your network safe.

Watch highlights from the discussion with Kannan Chandran, Publisher of STORM-ASIA.COM.

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