10 Quirky Office Types To Find Gifts For

WELL, another year has whizzed by, and it’s time to get your weary brain into gear to figure out who your colleagues are and what kind of people they have morphed into. That in mind, your next challenge is to find things that are not of dubious relevance for that Christmas gifts exchange.

We thought we’d save you some grey cells — what with all that booze and partying — and whip up some ideas for gifts for those tricky personality types.

We tried to keep it around the $50 mark, which may be on the high side, but if you’ve got to work with this lot for another spell, you might as well be in their good books.

So, here’s our Christmas Match Up. Just remember… caveat emptor!

The Hamster Brain

Always stressed. Perpetually with a frown as the hyper hamster keeps sprinting in his mind. Pinging from topic to topic, he drives everyone else nuts. This guy just needs to take a chill pill. And here it is…

yogaYoga Lab
Drop-in Classes
$23 per 1-hour session

Yoga 101 should be a good introduction, featuring basic yoga asanas (positions or postures). The Hot 26 promises to rejuvenate and de-stress with 26 postures and two breathing exercises, leaving you too worried or too calm to be stressed at work.


The Screen Queen

Be it at work, home or play, she’s got her eyes glued on the screen. It’s either the computer at work, the smartphone at lunch, or the tablet on the sofa at home. She’s never too far away from her device. Life’s a download, until your eyesight goes!

PC Glasses

Protect the eyes from the harmful blue light from digital devices that can cause eye fatigue. OWNDAYS PC collection comes with light brown-tinted lenses that cut out the blue light by 40% and reduce glare and brightness of our everyday devices. Look your shady best.


Flock To The Flicksrs-keychain

No matter what, it’s down tools and everything and it’s off to the movies for Premiere night. And it’s all anticipation, light sabres at the ready for Star Wars Rogue One.

Royal Selangor
Star Wars Key chains

The Limited Edition Chirrut ($450) and Captain Phasma ($450) figurines may be nice to have, but, for those on a budget, splash out for some key chains featuring the helmets of the clone trooper, the Imperial stormtrooper or the First Order stormtrooper.


The Space Cadet

Hey! Earth calling the daydreamer. Join us for the meeting and quit exploring new solar systems for inspiration! But, if you really like it out there…

nasaArtScience Museum
NASA – A Human Adventure
$19 – $25

Singapore’s largest space flight exhibition features the front section of NASA’s iconic space shuttle. There is also a flight simulator and a G-Force Astronaut Trainer to try out. Might be a good idea to pack a space barf bag!

The Coffee Junkie

Never leave home without a cuppa in hand. Not the average sock coffee but the premium stuff. Caffeine to steady one’s nerves before the next presentation….


Lam Yeo Speciality Coffee
Traditional & Gourmet Coffees
From $8


One of the few family-owned coffee roasters, you get the beans roasted with sugar and margarine, as well as the haute brews from far-flung places like Panama, Jamaica, Brazil and Guatemala.

The Tanned One

Living for the weekends, when sun and adventure beckons! From hiking up Mount Bromo, to scaling the peaks of Mount Ophir to even just camping out at Pulau Ubin, no terrain is too rough for this explorer. And this is a gift that will cut through to the chase.


E77 Military Knife

The E77 can be flipped open with one hand, and features a drop point blade that maintains a sharp piercing point while also offering a good cutting edge that facilitates slicing… cheese perhaps?

The Scribbler

Always noting things down and furiously scribbling thoughts and ideas in case they rush out of mind, it’s always a good time to note down something. Now, you can do it with style.


Bynd Artisan
Planner & Notebook

Bynd Artisan’s hand made notebooks really up the style factor with their bold colours, leatherette covers, and bespoke debossing.

The Intern

Everyone’s favourite workhorse, the blur gopher is wide-eyed in the real world, drinking everything in and wanting to do more (At least the good ones. There’s a deviant breed that mugdoes a good impression of a doorpost, and is as deaf — and daft — as one.) Well, for the hardworking intern, you get the ultimate gift…a DAY OFF on Christmas day. If you’re feeling Santa-like, you could get the elf his or her own mug.

JoSa Imaging
Customised Mugs

The Purist

Cold is good. Watered down, not so. The spirits connoisseur in the office is seen sniffing his snifter, swirling, spitting and so on. He may even have a thermometer on him to impress anyone who remembers what it is. But, when it comes to the fine stuff, present him with something that won’t dilute his enthusiasm.


Whiskey Wedge

No one likes watered-down whiskey. The silicon form slips into the glass and traps water in one half of the glass. Freeze it to get a perfect wedge of slow melting ice to enjoy cool sips of scotch, tequila, vodka, and bourbon.

The Gadget Gadfly

For the techie lover who has everything, until he gets an upgrade or gives it away, here’s a little something to keep track of his tech journey. And the money he’s spent on the new, the disruptive, and the cutting edge.



Wave Cloud Notebook

Fancy a reusable notebook? Write away with a Pilot FriXion pen, then use the Rocketbook app to digitise the pages and save them in the cloud. Once the pages of the notebook are filled, stick the notebook in the microwave with a glass of water and the ink will vanish and you can start penning new thoughts and plans!

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