More Screen Time In The NEUE KLASSE Of BMW Cars

BMW Panoramic Vision

IN keeping with the basics of motoring, BMW is emphasising a core element of driving: Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. At least until autonomous vehicles take over the roads.

But that’s still further down the road.

Meanwhile, in its 2023 Annual Conference, BMW announced a few new initiatives, or expansions of ongoing plans.

BMW Panoramic Vision (pictured above), a new head-up display, is part of brand’s vision of the near future.

Information which is currently confined to the patch of windscreen at the driver’s eye level is now going to be spread across the width of the windscreen. 

The idea is to create an immersive design with the windscreen becoming a projection surface. With Panoramic Vision, everyone in the car can enjoy the journey.

Just imagine the potential for content creators and advertisers to take advantage of yet another screen for passengers to fixate on.

Meanwhile, the driver will still control what information is needed in his line of vision. Ideally, when the world of autonomous vehicles becomes a reality, this will be an ideal way to speed up the journey. 

Panoramic Vision will be introduced as series production in six NEUE KLASSE models, in 2025, including a 3 Series sedan and SAV (sports activity vehicle).

NEUE KLASSE is BMW’s way of tipping its hat to the pioneering models of the 1960s; a spirit of innovation that will be needed in a much swifter, less forgiving and more demanding world.

The NEUE KLASSE vehicles will be electric only and will have a new UX/UI concept, high-performance and efficient electric drive trains and batteries, and drive lifecycle sustainability to new levels.

Production of NEUE KLASSE vehicles will start in the new plant in Debrecen, Hungary followed by other sites.

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