Abi’s Tips On Running Long Distances

ON HIS third attempt, Abimanyu Shunmugam became the first Singaporean athlete to join an elite group of athletes to complete the HK4TUC 2020 (Hong Kong 4 Trails Ultra Challenge) in under 60 hours.

The ultramarathon runner clocked over 55 hours for the gruelling 298km run that takes a select international group of high-performance athletes over a variety of terrain in pursuit of a coveted tee-shirt.

Abi has improved his time with each attempt, but that required discipline and lots of training for this special forces officer as he battled his own limitations to finally reach the winning line — in this case a green mailbox — in Hong Kong.

He talks to Mahendran Reddy, Kenneth Tan and Kannan Chandran, who were his fellow panellists on a STORM magazine discussion prior to his first HK4TUC 2020 run (watch The Ultra Man On The Run).

Abi who trains hard and often is known to run up and down Bukit Timah Hill for 6 hours at a time, chalking up almost 40km as he builds stamina, endurance and strength.

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