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IT could be the greatest love of all; Singaporeans’ fondness for their mobile devices.

The findings from a survey conducted by mobile cyber security company Appdome Inc, showed that Singaporean consumers downloaded more apps, and spent more time and money with mobile apps than on the web and online platforms, compared to the global average.

With mobile phones increasingly becoming an extension of our hands, it’s not surprising that its usage continues to grow in popularity.

In the last year, the switch to mobile phone usage grew 8%, resulting in about 60% of the population interacting with their phones like they would their favourite child, or pet.

Singapore consumers’ preference for mobile apps has risen year on year, with 59.2% preferring it to web channels in 2021. Globally, that figure is 53.5%.

This has resulted in more transactions taking place via the mobile phone than the web or computer.

Between 2021 and 2022, Singaporean consumers added 10 apps to their regular use. About 70% of local consumers use 6-20 apps daily, while globally, this figure is around 60%. 

Top Uses Of Mobile Phone Apps

In order of priority, Singaporean consumers use mobile apps for social media (55.2%),mobile banking (44%), shopping (39.5%), food orders (39.5%) and payments (36%). 

This behaviour has already seen a shift in how brands are connecting with customers. A mobile-first mindset is part of the strategy as more funds are allocated to delivering services and offers for those on the move. 

Correspondingly, customers expect more funds to be used to keep the mobile environment safe.

Key to the continued rise of mobile phone use will be the level of security these apps offer. Malware, trojans, hacking and fraud are still part of the eco-system, and consumers expect brands to be responsible in ensuring their apps are free of such vermin. 

And any developer releasing unprotected apps may as well ride his trojan horse into the sunset.

The survey results are quite clear that Singaporean consumers will abandon brands that don’t protect them when using their mobile apps. And they will bad mouth the app through all available channels.

On the flip side, a safe and secure environment will result in recommendations to their network, by as much as 95.5% according to the survey.

And in this instance, the old saying, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned is particularly applicable. The Appdome survey shows that female consumers in Singapore are more likely to abandon an app if they experience a breach or hack.

The Appdome survey is based on responses from 25,000 mobile consumers across 12 countries including Singapore, US, UK, Philippines, Israel, Spain, Netherlands and Argentina.

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