Azimuth Predator 2.0 On The Prowl

IS THERE life in space?

If so… would it be friend or Predator?

In anticipation of what Space exploration may bring to Earth, Azimuth  has created the Predator 2.0 which marries science fiction with technology.

Azimuth’s other models include Mr Roboto, Twin Turbo and the Spaceship, which beams down in its new form as the Predator 2.0.

With the jumping hour display and broad minute hand, Predator 2.0 comprises an inner capsule and an outer titanium chassis with lugs.

It is powered by a hand-wound calibre with anodized aluminium bridges that are available in a variety of bold colours.

The Predator 2.0 is available from mid-May and will be available at WOW Wisma and Red Army Watches Millenia. For more information, visit


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