Azimuth Powers Up The Twin Turbo

Azimuth’s new credo of making watches of unusual character has resulted in some remarkable timepieces.

The brand’s approach is less about following the trends of complicated movements and visual complications that challenge you to tell the time, but rather to offer timepieces inspired by eclectic elements in life. From motorbike chains to casinos and robots, the Azimuth timepieces have drawn on different reference points.

That link is a useful tool to draw deeper connections with time.

In its latest outing, Azimuth CEO Giuseppe Picchi talks about the inspiration behind the Twin Turbo. From the dashboard dials of vintage sports cars, the idea to develop a watch that sat differently on the wrist and allowed you to reflect two time zones has resulted in this remarkable piece of engineering.

The aluminium cover provides the feel of lifting a car’s bonnet, while the vintage movements offer a simple way of setting the time. Set on a broad strap, the angled positioning of the watch on the wrist makes it easy to tell the time at a glance. Though the beauty of this piece — available in four strong colours — will leave your gaze lingering longer.

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