Keep It Going 2014 – The Next Big Thing

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Keep It Going 2014 – The Next Big Thing

23 October 2014
8:30am to 2:30pm
Mandarin Orchard Hotel


Invest half a day to get a clearer picture of what
The Next Big Thing could be from the minds and mouths of practitioners and visionaries.

The Next Big Thing features two panel discussions where panelists will hotly debate:
Byte Into It: Why technology will continue to disrupt and drag you into the future.
Human e-Motion: How will people help to shape and define society’s identity in the future?

The lunch Keynote: Game To Play holds the key to the game plan. Ronald Ong, founder and CEO of IAHGames and the man who brought World Of Warcraft to China, encourages Grand Theft Auto(matically) on your computer.

STORM magazine brings them together from near and far to share their insights and views. You never can tell what nuggets of information you could pick up.

Be part of the discussions that will help define the future in Keep It Going: The Next Big Thing.

Read about the various event coverage here:
Event Recap: The Next Big Thing — A Quick Recap
Panel 1 Byte Into It: Data In Context
Panel 2 Human e-Motion: A Volatile Ride

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0830 – 0900 Breakfast & Registration
0900 – 0915 Opening Remarks
0915 – 1030 Panel Discussion 1 — Byte Into It
1030 – 1100 Tea Break
1100 – 1215 Panel Discussion 2 — Human e-Motion
1215 – 1300 Lunch
1300 – 1400 Keynote — Game To Play
1400 – 1415 Closing Remarks
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Byte Into It
Why technology will continue to disrupt and drag you into the future.

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Melvin Tan is responsible for defining and leading the transformation and growth strategies for the Cyclect Group. The 71-year-old company provides engineering, construction and maintenance services in the energy, infrastructure, industrial, marine and offshore segments. Cyclect is reputed for its work with the Formula1 Singapore Grand Prix, Universal Studios, and many other projects worldwide. In his 18 years in Cyclect, Melvin started the R&D team to develop energy solutions which resulted in two Innovator Awards by the Prime Minister Office and the Singapore Sustainability Award.

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Nadina C. Jose MD has had the unique opportunity of having assumed a variety of roles in the clinical trial enterprise in the past 25 years in the US, Asia-Pacific and European regions. In her current position as Managing Director and CEO of Anidan Group Pte Ltd the only Singapore-based company whose business is focused on providing integrated oversight solutions for clinical trial management globally to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. She is overall in charge of strategy, operations, business growth and development. She was formerly the Associate Dean for the School of Clinical Research of the American University of Health Science in Long Beach, California and Head and Director for Global Clinical Site Management and Monitoring for Allergan in the Asia Pacific Region.

Read more about Nadina C Jose’s views in this issue of STORM.

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Ravi Krishnan is an accomplished image management professional well versed in imaging technology that enables greater accuracy in medical treatment. He has accumulated his experience working for industry leaders GE Healthcare and Agfa Healthcare, serving as a radiology IT design consultant and a PACS (Picture archiving computerised systems) implementation project manager. He complements his image management experience with proven network and computer technology experience. As one of the two co-founders of Mach7, Ravi has built the design philosophy and technical strategy for Mach7.

Read more about Ravi Krishnan’s views in this issue of STORM.

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Sugianto Tandio invested in a decade of research and development to successfully commercialise new environmentally-friendly plastic solutions, OXIUM® and ECOPLAS®. PT Tirta Marta, a flexible packaging company based in Tangerang, Indonesia, played a significant role introducing the affordable solution to the plastic bag “end-of-life” cycle. In 2010, over 20 companies were acknowledged as Pioneers in Environmentally Friendly Plastic Bags for being the first to comply with the Green Label Indonesia’s standards — all of whom applied OXIUM® in their greening strategy.

Read more about Sugianto Tandio’s views in STORM’s article Redeeming Itself

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Human e-Motion
How will people help to shape and define society’s identity in the future?

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Until recently, Aldo Lipari was the regional CEO of Swiss Luxury House, BALLY, overlooking both the retail and franchisee business across Singapore, Australia, Korea, Taiwan, Macau, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Aldo’s previous experiences include stints with Benetton, Armani and GUCCI. He is well-versed in global fashion luxury trends and is embarking upon a new venture that integrates modern shopping habits with lifestyle trends.

Read more about Aldo Lipari’s views in this issue of STORM.

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Ken Lim has had more than three decades of significant contribution to the development of Singapore’s pop culture. He is an album producer, composer, artist manager and concert promoter who has been in the spotlight as the chief judge in the Singapore Idol TV franchise. Hype Records  promotes music and artists across the Asia Pacific region through record production, artist management, concert promotion, campaign management, PR, publishing, and television and film productions.

Read more about Ken Lim’s views in STORM‘s article Talent Versus Technology

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DestinationElite represents over 180 luxury resorts and resorts worldwide , and develops  global marketing programmes for key luxury leisure lifestyle brands. DestinationElite is a transactional, intelligent and creative marketing alliance which has become a popular hub for those searching for a luxury lifestyle travel or accommodation option. Mark has an extensive professional experience of over 30 years in the travel industry companies which include senior management, Director and CEO responsibilities in both Asia Pacific and global roles.

Read more about Mark Greedy’s views in STORM‘s article In A State Of Luxe

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Rick Koh heads Integrative CSR Consulting, a consultancy that helps organisations fulfil their corporate social responsibility while also meeting business and policy objectives. Previously a journalist at The Straits Times, and the paper’s lead columnist through the 1990s, he is author and editor of over 20 books, including Brand Singapore (2011). His most recent book, Learning For Life (2014), examines the challenges ahead for Singapore in fostering workplace training, human resource development and the learning culture of an advanced society.

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Ruici Tio is responsible for case management and network development in Kroll’s Southeast Asia Investigations & Disputes practice based in Singapore. Ruici has deep knowledge and understanding of the region’s markets, and has over seven years of professional experience working for the non-profit, government and private sectors in 12 countries across Asia. Before joining Kroll, his focus was on public–private partnerships for an anti-human trafficking campaign operating in challenging and opaque markets across Asia and Eastern Europe.

Read more about Ruici Tio’s views in this issue of STORM.

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Game To Play

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Roland Ong is one of Asia’s leading online gaming entrepreneurs, having founded IAHGames — a leading publisher, operator and distributor of interactive entertainment to over 35 million users in Southeast Asia.  It has published 17 localised versions of several different games, including EA SPORTS™ FIFA Online 2, Grand Theft Auto V, Dragonica, NBA 2K14 and Counter-Strike™ Online in seven countries across the region. Roland was instrumental in bringing World of Warcraft® to China.

Read more about Roland Ong’s views in STORM’s article Let The Children Play

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