Big Experience, Tiny Footprint

IT IS one thing to commune with nature, quite another to have to forego the essentials when it’s accessible. As a pampered society, we need our creature comforts while out in the rural wilds.

Spotting an opportunity to deliver a compromise solution, and also letting you have the choice view on farmland, Big Tiny tries to bridge several gaps with its mobile home. Set on wheels and able to be moved around, these purpose-built homes are designed to keep small families in relative comfort while bonding on a farm or other rural environment.

By leasing the farmland, it also helps rural communities generate an alternate income stream.

Equipped with a small kitchen, shower, sofa bed, solar panels that deliver electricity, and a rain filtration system for non-potable water, the cosy rectangular structure provides rural bliss and shelter from the elements and bugs.

Big Tiny brings together tiny houses and eco-tourism. These simple structures don’t look polished, but appear adequate for temporary needs. You aren’t going to live in them for the rest of your lives, but for a bit of coddled adventure in the great outdoors, you can’t do too badly.

Reasonable Rates

At $150-$250 a night, depending on the size of accommodation, you can sleep up to four in relative comfort. You could wake up to views of the Mornington Peninsula just an hour out of Melbourne, or the Blue Mountains, two hours out of Sydney.

There are plans to expand the reach and get more homes out there.

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The 3 founders of Big Tiny, from left:
Big plans from the 3 founders of Big Tiny, from left: Dave Ng, Jeff Yeo and Adrian Chia.

Holiday Dreams

The idea came to Adrian Chia, one of the three co-founders, while he was vacationing along the scenic Great Ocean Road, in Victoria, Australia, where the charm of the picturesque outdoors can be a salve for the soul. The former civil servant ditched a life of predictability for the excitement of private enterprise in the technology space.

Along with him are Dave Ng, whose experience in material sciences and environmental technology is key to the business and Jeff Yeo, whose branding and marketing experience with AXA, BMW Asia and Citibank will take Big Tiny to new and larger dimensions.

While Big Tiny offers accommodation, it’s also an investment opportunity. $80,000 will get you a cabin that will pay $8,000 annually, explains Yeo.

That doesn’t buy you any time in your investment. You’ll have to sign up for it on Airbnb and like everyone else. Hopefully the investment will last more than 10 years so you can start making a small return on your big investment in Big Tiny.

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