WHERE did this year go? I was just celebrating the arrival of 2017 and now I’m facing another round of celebrations.

But not that I’m complaining since this year’s festivities take place during long weekends.

And no matter the gloom of robots taking over your jobs, or that we lack a vision for our futures, there’s nothing like a spot of bubbly to get you in the right spirit.

B&O E8

Since the world has gone wireless, we’ve been getting so many things that are happy to ditch their physical tether to power.

From vacuum cleaners to mice, kettles to computers, the list keeps growing as we find ourselves and our lives unfettered.

B&O E8

The wireless earphones are becoming hugley popular as people develop more isolationist  tendencies when it comes to disengaging with their environment.

Since you’ll be having those earphones in your head for long spells, they might as well be comfortable. There are many out there, at various price points, and while the cables are losing relevance, and Airpods look daft, there are issues with fit and sound coming via the Bluetooth signal.

Stylish Sound

Meanwhile, Bang & Olufsen has come out with a neat pair in their usual stylish delivery.

The B&O E8 fit snugly in your ears, and deliver some seriously good sound. Since this Danish company worked with ICEpower technology in 1999, their sound quality has risen to match the sleek looks of their equipment.

The earphones are delivered in a leather case that also charges the buds. Magnetic catches hold them in place, and you get a couple of charges on the go.


You pay a pretty penny for that B&O branding, and it’s there for all to see when the E8 earphones are in your ears. It almost seems like the pieces are larger than necessary to accommodate the proud branding. But, in any case, the looks match the sound.

When pumping the electronic guitar of Nigel Stanford’s Entrophy through it, or the delicate vocals of Sarah Brightman, the music stays close to what you would have heard through a bigger set up.

With the Beoplay app, you also have the option to widen the sound stage or focus it to create the right ambience.

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Quirks & Irks

Tapping on the buds will allow you to raise or lower the volume, shift tracks, and when a call comes in, you’ll be able to answer it. It takes some getting used to and it helps if you’re not over enthusiastic as you deal with the slight lag between tap and effect.

B&O E8

While it’s great with the music, the phone calls can be a bit dodgy, and it’s not because of who I’m talking to. Depending on the signal and where you are in relation to your phone, the sound fades in and out, and I’m told I sound like I’m in a toilet…and it’s not because of what I’m saying either…! Then again, it could be because of the new OS on the iPhone.

There are some quirks you have to get around, though. When you try and switch back to the phone, the E8 steals it back, so you’re left wondering what happened to the other party. So, you might have to disconnect to be heard.

The E8 connects to one device at a time, so you can’t multitask with other audio sources.

But, that said, it’s a great gift idea, even if at $425 the black sets have been vouched for and only a limited number of grey sets are available for the holiday season.

Available at B&O stores and online.

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