Comely Coupe – Mercedes-Benz C-Class 200 Coupe

If first impressions count for a lot, then the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe delivers with some finesse. By Kannan Chandran

A small car packed with a delicious palette of design elements, the two-litre piece of sculpture that is the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe would be an ideal car for drivers who want to look the part, without necessarily having to live it.

For all its delightful proportions — the long bonnet with the diamond radiator grille, the tapering back and the nicely shaped rear — once you’ve driven the C200 Coupe, you’ll realise it’s more about eye candy and having presence than about performing to that visual potential.

Mind you, it is adequate to needs when it comes to city driving and general driving. As a car to find your way about town, it’s a well-behaved number, with its size making it easy to get into smaller spaces.

When you put your foot down, it does rise to the challenge, sprinting from 0-100 in a creditable seven seconds. While fairly neutral in its handling, the efficiency it displays in cornering is marked by a flatness that neither excites nor disappoints.

On the move, you get a comfortable and relatively quiet ride that probably works well for the profile of driver that would find this model and brand appealing.

Inner Charm

The outward attractiveness is carried into the interior. The cabin is neatly laid out with wood panels and pretty covers for the Burmester sound system. The popped into place centre console delivers the information as required, and so too the instrument panels and the various data that is fed to you about the car.

The rear seat is really for the kids. Getting into the back of a two-door car is always a challenge for the big-boned, and that sharp slope in the back could potentially be apt for any headbanging music you might pump through the system.

The stylish two-door car will benefit from lively colours that accentuate its shape, adding a dash of fun to the mix. But be mindful of those extremely heavy doors, especially on a slope when they tend to swing shut. A reasonable boot makes it a relatively practical car for day-to-day driving.

For a couple sans encumbrances moving up the ladder, the C-Class Coupe would make for a good statement of intent.


Engine: In-line 4 cylinders
Capacity: 1,991cc
Max Power: 135kW@5,500rpm
Max Torque: 300Nm@1,200–4,000rpm
Transmission: 7G-TRONIC PLUS
Efficiency: 6.0L/100km
CO2: 140g/km
0-100kmh: 7.3 seconds
Top Speed: 235kmh
Retail price: *$213,888
Please reconfirm price with dealer.

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