On The Cookie Trail With Elizabeth Lazan

TALK about literally following your fortunes.

Elizabeth Lazan, one half of the duo out to Crack The Cookie Code, talks about journeying across the USA with her best friend and fellow-presenter Jeane Reveendran.

It’s partly about showcasing Trump’s America, but more to trumpet the Asian fusion fare that has emerged in the USA, while also giving some depth and reason to the cryptic phrases in a fortune cookie.

The Singaporean duo, based in the USA, sample Asian fusion food with a Singapore angle  on their gastro-travel adventure. The short episodes, carried on Channel FYI and A&E Networks Asia, offer bite-sized doses of America along with food and travel. Some of the favourite topics of discussion!

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The Singaporean friends chalk up the laughs and engagement factor as they crack fortune cookies to decipher what the clues mean. It’s all light-hearted fun but entailed serious planning to ensure two girls journeyed safely across the USA.

Lazan, represented by FLY Entertainment, also acts on stage, and has a juicy role in the upcoming movie, Buckshot, a dark comedy. She talks to STORM.SG about her experiences with Reveendran and pulling this adventure together.

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