A Fantastical Time To Be Had

HEAD to The Promontory @ Marina Bay the next two weekends and step into a fantastical village.

It will not be time wasted, that’s the guarantee from the organisers of The Fantastical World of eco-me.

This is a festival village where lessons are shared in an environment of fun and learning. The key takeaway for those attending The Fantastical World of eco-me is that we should not waste!

“The self-sustained and self-contained nature of a traditional village, with the various elements needed to nurture life and society, really drew us to the festival village concept,” explains Phan Ming Yen, Director of Global Culture Alliance, the co-organiser of the event with The RICE Company Ltd.

The sprawling festival village of 25 exhibitors and vendors will be a hive of activity with workshops, urban gardens, performances, and an eco-friendly market place.

Sustaining The Momentum

“We want to inspire visitors to make sustainability a part of their lives — it is imperative that we practise what we preach, and not waste,” insists Phan. There will be no plastic bags for purchases at the market place, and efforts are already under way to find new homes for event fixtures, like furniture and planters.

Phan adds that the community aspect of a village is also the best way to aggregate like-minded individuals, creating the village’s eco-system that visitors can explore, participate in, and learn from.

The event may only run for two weekends in March but Phan hopes that visitors will pick up sustainability practices and carry on at home and at work.

The Fantastical World of eco∙me
3, 4 & 5 Mar (Fri to Sun)
9, 10, 11 & 12 Mar (Thu to Sun)
6.00pm to 10.30pm
The Promontory @ Marina Bay
Free admission