Electrolux Keeps Up With The Times

THE challenge in celebrating a milestone anniversary for a producer of goods for the mass market is to remain relevant.

It’s not good enough anymore to just be a household name that has delivered quality over the years. That reputation can easily be shredded by new players riding in on a wave of technology.

In today’s digital world, the demands on brands like Electrolux are intense. Celebrating a century of delivering products means nought if you are not winning over younger consumers and delivering up-to-date and innovative white goods.

The Swedish company’s reputation does help as it juggles innovation, branding and affordable price points.

To show it’s not been resting on its laurels, Electrolux has released a number of products that will help to keep households satisfied in their current lifestyles in a sustainable fashion.

A range of fridges, washing machines and dryers offer features like UltraChill which keeps food purchased weekly fresh for a longer time. Instead of deep freezing food at -18°C, which negatively affects its texture and taste, UltraChill keeps it at -2°C so you can skip the need to defrost it.

For the sustainable minded who would like to see their clothes go a long way, Electrolux has SensorWash, which detects dirt and adjusts the wash cycle times accordingly, while DelicateCare measures the exact humidity and temperature to protect your laundry from over-drying. 

And what would a global brand be without its own app?  Electrolux connected-equipped washers and dryers can be controlled remotely from your smart device.

No reason to miss out on getting the washing done since you’ll have your eyes glued to your device anyway!

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