New Emojis To Q For

WORDS failing you more than usual of late? 

Get in touch with a lexicon, or it could be all those stickers and emojis you’ve been littering your messages with. 

Hey, but then, a picture is safer than words sometimes. 

World emoji day was on July 17 and has been celebrated informally since 2014. And soon you’ll have more inclusive emojis to play with. 

Android Q will be launched later this year, and along with it you’ll get 65 new emojis, with 71 couples with different skin tones and 53 gender inclusive designs.

You can choose from a sloth, an otter, a flamingo, an orang utan, or be a kneeling man or women….

There’s a beverage box of grape juice…wait…is that a plastic straw! Got to be sustainable!

The link to the Q Beta programme list of phones is HERE.

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