How Deep Is The Talent Pool?

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THE regular WED WEB CHAT discussion series explored the talent pool available in Singapore, and if it was adequate for the future.

While Singapore executives are well-regarded at home, there is a reluctance on the part of many to travel abroad to gain exposure. This impedes their growth in global companies that want an international mindset when helming multi-national corporations.

The National University of Singapore has made it to the top 10 of some university lists, which underlines the education system’s ability to produce competent talent.

But when you consider how so many Indian nationals are heading global companies like Google, Twitter, Autodesk, you wonder if there is enough of a practical connection between education and business smarts.

What are the ways we can nurture local talent to fulfil a greater role in Singapore and abroad.

This WED WEB CHAT — The Quest For Talent brings together established practitioners and trainers in a discussion that offers insights and tips, ranging from a willingness to go abroad to creating your own blog. Panellists for the session are Arun Devan, Brindha Bal and Ng Kheng Liang, who have between them, experience with organisations like Hitachi, IBM, Korn Ferry, Temasek International, Dyson and many others.

Following are snippets from the WED WEB CHAT — The Quest For Talent, organised by The link to the full discussion is at the bottom of the article.

The Rise Of Singapore Talent

East And West Leadership Styles

Indian Business Leaders Show The Way

Talent Tips

Watch the full discussion of WED WEB CHAT — The Quest For Talent below.

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If you have a topic that is of interest, or have someone who would make a good panellist with a thought-provoking perspective on a subject, please email with your details and a short summary.

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