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YOU don’t realise how much you appreciate the Zero G position until you stop using it.

This is as close as anyone can get to feeling what an astronaut is going through in space. The Zero G position  — legs slightly bent and raised, body tilted up — minimises the effects of gravity when astronauts are taking off. It’s very comfortable. And you realise just how comfortable it is when you straighten out and gravity hits your body.

Three-time space veteran, astronaut David Leestma, who was on the NASA Challenger (1894), Columbia (1989) and Atlantis (1992) missions, recalls what it’s like to return from space:

“Gravity sucks! You have no idea how heavy you are till you get back!”

Tempur was first created by NASA in the 1970s to support astronauts during lift-off. Tempur’s sleep scientists then adapted the materials used in space to make mattresses and pillows.


Tempur’s ACTIVEbreeze° mattress has been developed in conjunction with NASA and is also well suited for the tropics.

The two single mattresses that make up this king bed is ideal for those who are working from home, especially those who like their bed so much, they don’t want to leave it. At $28,999 that would be an understandable reaction.

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With ACTIVEbreeze° you have a complete bed system with a headboard, and a base that has fans integrated into it to keep things cool should things get warm under the cover.

You can control the fan speed, and there’s a massage function that gives you a good shakedown depending on your preferred intensity. When everything is at high speeds, you might feel like you’re taking off.


The two mattresses can be adjusted to individual requirements: One to keep the snores down, and the other to watch a movie on your tablet.

The Amara Sanctuary on Sentosa has installed the Tempur ACTIVEbreeze° bed system in a suite, if you’d like to try it out. Or you could head to the Tempur flagship store at 1 Nassim Road #01-03 or the Tempur Experiential Centre at 315 Outram Road, #08-05 Tan Boon Liat Building.

So who says money can’t buy you a good night’s rest?

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