Bring Out The Watchmaker Within With HMF

WE HAVE all marvelled at the effort that watchmakers take to craft a thing of beauty that sits quietly on our wrist telling time.

From the traditional round dial, it has taken on many shapes and forms, and the movements have become ever more intricate and complicated.

As watchmaking has taken on more demanding styles to keep pace with fashion and trends, the basics are still a prerequisite when it comes to putting together a watch.

For those who are interested to get beneath the face of a watch, Horloger Machines Fabrique (HMF) offers you the ideal chance to learn more about these little Swiss machines firsthand in Singapore as you place the second hand and hour and minute hands on the face of an Azimuth watch.

Assemble your own watch.
Assembling your own watch requires patience but is also therapeutic.

In a special class,  you will be guided through the process of watchmaking. It’s an opportunity to quietly focus on something creative in an otherwise hurried world.

Finding Your Level

The three levels of watchmaking — Induction, Advanced and Expert — are designed to suit your level of interest. But what’s fantastic is you leave with a watch that you would have put together yourself.

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Each class will have a limited number of participants to ensure the highest quality of instruction. The build-your-own-watch concept lets you put together your own timepiece under the observant eye of a watchmaker.

Patiently piece your Azimuth timepiece.
Patiently piece together your Azimuth timepiece.

The watches of HMF are applying the time-tested methods of the Swiss watchmaking industry.

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