Azimuth Loves Mother Earth

Azimuth Back In Time Save The 1'

HERE ARE a couple of bright pieces of jewellery for men to strap on, while at the same time showing support for Mother Earth. That’s an argument that will likely win the spouse and kids over!

Azimuth introduces its limited-edition series of Back In Time watches championing environmental awareness. Earth Vision — Save The 1 comes in Rainforest Green and Ocean Blue encased in the age-old material, bronze. Only 50 pieces of each colour are available.

The back-in-time movement pays homage to Earth, since both the watch and Earth move counterclockwise.

Azimuth Back In Time Save The 1'

The hour numerals are depicted in reverse order, while the hour and minute hands make their way in this backward journey. Maybe you’re hoping for a simpler time where life was less complicated, but it takes more watchmaking smarts to mount an additional gear train atop the automatic movement of this Swiss-made watch.

The 42″ pieces have specially crafted dials that have ripple patterns inspired by nature, be it the lapping of waves or the rustling of leaves. The dials are hand sprayed to create this artistic effect before being lacquered.

Azimuth Back In Time Save The 1'

The Azimuth Back-In-Time Earth Vision — Save The 1 limited edition series of watches are water resistant to 3 ATM. They are priced at S$3,500 and available at Red Army Watches at #B3-03 ION Orchard.

For more information, contact Azimuth Watch Co.

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