Hope And Expectations


HOPE takes on a special meaning at the start of the year.

After two years of living with COVID-19 and more of the same expected, how can hope uplift the mood and spirit of people around the world?

If you’re hoping for a clean slate, with the new year, then that might be wishful thinking.

Hope is a state of mind that has to be linked to actions.

If you want things to change, you have to effect that change.

In the WED WEB CHAT — Hang On To Hope, the panellists discuss hopes of the state versus hopes of the individual and whether the two converge.

The first WED WEB CHAT of 2022 featured panellists Normala Manap who helms Age Matters, Andie Ang of the Jane Goodall Institute, and the founder of The Family Therapist, Benny Bong. They bring a variety of views to the discussion.

Whose Hopes Are We Living?

From big master plans that are rolled out for the benefit of the nation and to fulfil the hopes of a few, to residents wanting to cull natural intruders like monkeys, and the need for greater communication, there exists a gap between being hopeful and fulfilling hopes.

4 Reasons For Hope

Andie Ang talks about naturalist Jane Goodall’s latest book, The Book Of Hope, and why it is a source of inspiration.

In it she talks about the 4 reasons why she believes in hope: 1. The amazing human intellect; 2. The indomitable human spirit; 3. The power of youth; 4. The resilience of nature.

We Don’t Dream Enough

Benny Bong explains that hope initiates change. In his line of work, he comes across people who have given up. He talks about the way forward in trying to revive hope and start dreaming. If we stop dreaming we stop hoping, he explains.

Conditions Of Hope

The panellists talk about their approach to hope. And they range from hoping for the best and having no expectations.

Watch the full discussion of WED WEB CHAT — Hang On To Hope below.

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